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Dog and Cat Grooming in Tucson

Pets require several things on a consistent basis in order to remain healthy, happy and looking good. They require plenty of love and attention, nutritional diets, consistent veterinary care, and regular grooming sessions. Neglecting any one of these important areas can cause your pet to suffer both emotionally and physically. Professional cat and dog grooming is recommended because it provides many very important benefits.

Encanto Pet Clinic offers professional cat and dog grooming that will keep your pet healthy, happy and looking good. Our experienced professional groomers are all gentle, kind and compassionate pet lovers that can accommodate all sizes and breeds of cats and dogs


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Our Grooming Services

Grooming keeps your pets looking great
Our professional groomers have an intricate knowledge of all types of pet breeds and personalities and are, therefore, best qualified to ensure that your pet is groomed correctly and with the least amount of stress possible. Proper cat and dog grooming keeps your pet looking its best. When your pet is groomed regularly by professional groomers, it maintains bright eyes, healthy skin and coat, trimmed nails and clean ears.

Grooming keeps your pets happy and healthy
While nothing can replace regular veterinary care and maintenance to ensure your pet’s good health, having your pet professionally groomed is also beneficial to your pets overall well-being. During bathing, trimming and brushing, our groomers utilize their extensive experience and knowledge of pets to look for problems that may require monitoring, immediate attention, or that may even need to be examined by a veterinarian. Such preliminary finds during cat and dog grooming can save time and money as well as long bouts of suffering for you and your pet.
When your pet is professionally groomed, they are scanned from tail to snout for health issues. As our groomers brush, trim and bathe your pet to rid their coats of mats, dirt, debris and dandruff they also examine your pet’s skin for lumps, cuts, parasites and abnormal skin conditions. Regular brushing is an important factor in your pet’s health as it evenly distributes natural oils throughout the coat and helps to stimulate the skin. Nails are not only trimmed to prevent injury and property damage, but paws are also closely looked at for cracks, cuts, swelling, or foreign items that can cause irritation. Ears are cleaned and checked for mites, redness and abnormal discharge. Our professional groomers ensure your pet is healthy and, as everyone knows, a healthy pet is a happy pet!

We also offer same day services such as nail trims, anal gland expressions and spot shaves. Please call for availability to ensure that a groomer is available to perform these services.

We at Encanto Pet Clinic also offer sedation or anesthetic intervention for grooming in cases where pets are overly sensitive or anxious. Contact us today for a professional and caring grooming session for your pet!

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