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Encanto Pet Clinic moved from its original location into its current location in November 1999. Dr. Ireland and Tina Ireland chose the new location and designed the clinic to allow progression and expansion. Our facility houses patient exam rooms, a state-of-the-art surgical suite, digital radiography, an in-house laboratory and pharmacy, as well as grooming. Click on our rooms below for a peek into our hospital!

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  • Lobby
    The lobby

    Our saltwater aquarium is a favorite of all ages.

  • Reception

    The Reception

    Welcome to Encanto Pet Clinic!

  • Grooming


    This is the place to bring your pet for pampering. From nail trims to full groom, Treva can do it all.

  • Exam Rooms
    Exam Rooms

    Exam Rooms

    Room 1, mostly cats, room 2, larger dogs, and room 3, smaller to medium dogs.

  • The Lab
    The Lab

    The Lab

    We are able to perform lab work if we need immediate results, or process samples to send to the veterinary reference lab.

  • Treatment Area
    Treatment Area

    Treatment Area

    Most of our treatments for patients are performed in this area, along with teeth cleaning and other procedures.

  • Pharmacy


    We have an extensive pharmacy to provide our patients with immediate access to medications and provide convenience to pet owners.


  • Surgery Pack Prep
    Surgery Pack Prep

    Surgery Pack Prep

    Cleaning and sterilization of medical equipment is extremely important for the health of our patients.

  • Surgery Suite
    Surgery Suite

    Surgery Suite

    Our sterile surgical procedures are performed in our surgical suite.

  • Digital X-Ray
    Digital X-Ray

    Digital X-ray

    We have state of the art digital x-ray imaging to aid in diagnosing issues with pets.

  • Ultrasound Room

    Ultrasound Room

    A quiet, dim area to perform ultrasound exams.

  • Kennel Areas
    Kennel Areas

    Kennel Areas

    Larger dogs will have plenty of room to spread out while staying with us.

  • Dog & Cat Wards

    Dog Ward

    From small to large dogs, we have housing to make their stay comfortable.

    dog ward

    Cat Ward

    Reserved for cats only! Cats who are intimidated or frightened by dogs really appreciate their own space.

    cat ward

  • Isolation Wards
    Isolation Wrads

    Isolation Ward

    This area is for pets who have potentially infectious diseases and those we need to keep a closer eye on while in the hospital.

  • Dog Walk Area
    Dog Walk Area

    Dog Walk Area

    Our area for dogs to relieve themselves and stretch their legs while staying with us.

  • Food Storage
    Food Storage

    Food Storage

    We carry Royal Canin and Hills Diets for cats and dogs.

  • Laundry & Storage

    Laundry & Storage

    We provide a towel or blanket for both dogs and cats while staying with us, so we have lots of laundry.

  • Break Room
    Break Room

    Break Room

    We all need a break during the day.

  • Office


    Practice manager and doctor’s office.

Building Structure Lobby Exam Room #1 Exam Room #2 Exam Room #3 Reception Grooming Food Storage Kennel Area Pharmacy Treatment Area Lab Cat Ward Dog Ward Break Room Isolation Ward Office Surgery Pack Prep Surgery suite Digital X-ray Ultrasound Room Laundry & Storage Dog Kennel Dog Kennel Dog Kennel Dog Kennel Dog Walking Area

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